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Questions and answers

What is Agape?

How long is your agency? More 15 yeas work!
How many female profiles do you have in site? More then 250
What are your agency city, region, country, and telephone number? Ukraine, Kiev, Tarasa Shevshenko per.7 +38067-708-36-38
Do you have an office? What is its address and phone number? Ukraine, Kiev, Pereulok Tarasa Shevshenk0 7 Kiev Ukraine
Do you operate a website? Yes
What services do you provide? Correspondence, dating, parties, gift delivery, rent apartments, tour.
This website is based on real meetings in Kiev. No registration is needed. For your meetings we will help you with everything you may need. We suggest you to take a look at the ladies on our website. Then you can contact Agape Agency. You can You can also have such a service like accommodation, excursions, and more. You can order a Contacts of girls, if for you is not possible to come to Ukraine in nearest time. Director: Anastasiya Plaksina
Office address: Pereulok Tarasa Shevshenko 7 Kiev, Ukraine.
Phone: +380677083638
Skype: anastasiyadarina
If you love to travel to visit new countries and cities to enjoy your lesure time we will be happy to meet you. We provide a variety of services in Kiev, Ukraine. These include meeting you at the airport, providing rented apartments and introducing you to serious and beautiful girls who are looking for a serious relationship or marriage. Our agency has a reputation for carrying out the wishes of our customers and we have an individual approach to each client. We have been working for many years and have introduced more than 1500 men. Ladies from our agency have married men from many countries such as U.S.A., Germany and Switzerland ets.
Our site is designed for decent men who wish to make acquaintance with the purpose of friendship, marriage with Ukrainian women. We have a lot of beautiful single decent members who turned to our agency for the same purposes. A lot of ladies from our site speak English, German, French and other languages. You do not have to contact translators, and you will be able to communicate with the girls directly.
Most of the girls live in Kiev. Some came to live in Kiev from other villages and towns of Ukraine. And if you are looking for a simple girl from a rural area, then you can find such type of women.
Many of site invite you first are chatting with women. Then you come to place of girls and see women you wrote or no answer or no real or not justify the hopes.
If you go to our website that you do not need first to write letters, to conduct long correspondence. You just call or write to us by e-mail and plan meetings, ets with us. If you are already in Kiev, you can come to our office, which is conveniently located in the city center and in a peaceful atmosphere to view albums with photos of girls, plan dating...
If you are still not in Kiev, you can advance to send us information and photos about themselves to our e- mail or register for free at the site, as well as send the id of ladies that you are interested in. Then our task is to check out who has a common interest to you. The next phase - the actual meeting, a meeting with your candidates... Meeting can take place:
- In the office.
- In a cafe or restaurant. We also have service:
- Apartments.
- Tour.
Possible join tour with the girl. List of excursions you can take a look at the website or in the catalog in our office. This could be, for example horseback excursion boat on the Dnieper River or hike to the ballet. Meetings can be:
- Short date. 20 -40 minutes you are communicating with the girl. During this time, you can talk, to know each other better, and their plans to communicate with the girl, ask her questions, exchange contacts. The advantage of this is - saving time and money. You can spend during the day even five or more short of meeting the girls saw. In the following days you will be able to conduct repetitive and perhaps have a longer meeting with the same girls. This is a working technique for finding your miss right!
- Long date. Are you sure of your choice, and you can lead a pleasant evening in a cafe or restaurant; Walk on Kiev; Go to the disco; with a girl you like.
According to statistics, we recommend to meet not less than 8 girls. It gives a real chance to engage with one of these relationships. But in general need to communicate with 1,000 women and bottom of them will be yours! Any places in our life (Including our agency to your list)).
The quantity goes into quality,
but you need to quickly conduct the selection) rather than months to communicate with the candidates you unsuitable.
Note to Eastern men: Sometimes Eastern men want to meet with a girl one time and the second time solve and marriage. It is impossible in our country. Here, European-style dating. A woman should get to know you. It usually takes at least a few weeks at a time but ushually more.
Also, our agency provides additional services.
- Meeting at the airport.
- Accommodation in comfortable friendly apartments in the city center.
We also have an economy option - accommodation in a separate room in the family (the so-called I homestay).
Our apartments are safe and comfortable. Support 24 hours a day. Internet, hot water is constantly provided. In the kitchen, you can cook, with internet.
- Excursions in Kiev. We have interesting things to do that will help you learn and see Kiev and its surroundings. Starting from flea markets and ending with a visit to the opera. Kiev is the largest city, the capital, and just a beautiful city with a rich cultural and historical heritage.
We are waiting for your calls and e-mails. We will be very happy to communicate.
Of course, if you are not ready for the arrival and still want first to correspond with the girls, it is possible to buy their contacts. But the fact is that many women are disappointed in the correspondence and also want only real meetings. It sometimes happens that a man writes a girl for years and promised to come to the meeting, but do not do it then. Therefore, most of our girls also would like to meet the real and only a small percentage of ready for conversation. If you have any more questions please write and call us!

How come some of the women have VIP next to their names?

This women young, beautiful, without children, speak English. Dating with VIP ladies cost more expensive. You pay once for a first date with a lady.

How do you find women in your agency?

Usually new girls are friends of the girls who are already in our agency. It is the girls who are registered on the Internet, take our cards, we meet the girls in various public places, meetings, an advertising company. We organize parties that attract new girls to the agency. We are conducting interviews, they fill the application form and contract, leave a copy of the passport.

What is opinion of Ukrainian ladies about difference in age?

Some of the ladies like men, who are older.

I plan on making the trip there next year maybe in March. How does your site work? Do I just pick one and tell you which girl I would like to talk to?

We provide real dating in Kiev. You can send ID girls you like and then if you and they has mutual interest you can has datings in Kiev or take her contact information before yor arriving! We has accommodation service in Kiev too. You can see here


I am American citizen looking for a wife. I am going to Kiev. Can I meet some ladies who want to marry American and move to America for a family life? How much do you charge? Thank you. Sam

Answer: Hello Sam! Thank you for interest in our site. Yes, we introduce the girls from Kiev with American men. In our agency there are successful datings and marriages! Can you send ID ladies you like and we can advice you some ladies too. When you come to Kiev you can meet this women. Our girls are looking for men for marriage, family, true love!


I would like a date. What do I do? Matthias

Answer: Hello, Matthias! Look our site and select women you would like to meet. Tell us on the phone number +380677083638 or +380665936636 or to e-mail You can make free registration in site or send information about you and photo to this e-mail. After 3 introductions you will have discount for some dates. Hope to hear from you soon. Anastasia


Hi I have one question, when a lady wants to vistit me in Switzerland, will you do the work ? book a filght organise the visum for example ? All the best Dietmar

Answer: Hello Dietmar You can send to girl invitation for 2-3 weeks, and then she will open a visa at the Swiss embassy in Kiev. Then you can book her air plane ticket and send her this ticket in electronic form to her email. Also we can help open to her Schengen visa but then she will fly to you in Switzerland. If you would like girl come for more long time you can organizeher studies at a language school in Switzerland and be her sponsor. with best wishes Anastasia


It is right after you receive the money you will give me the contact dates from the 3 ladies, and they are really searching and want to go in a other country ?

Answer: Yes this girls looked your profile and would like contact with you.They want meet good man and ready to live in other country.


What would Polina like to do on 26th?(first date)?

On the first date usually go to the coffee shop, socialize, learn about each other, exchanged phone numbers and e-Mail. We can also organize a meeting in the office . The cozy ofice in the center of Kiev (near Maidan), you can spend a date with a girl (tea, sweets, biscuits included).


Hello! Book a date with 1369 How does this work? I am in Kiev this week. Anders

Hello Anders! Thank you for interest in our service. We can help you: Meet Ukrainian ladies for serious relation, marriage. Accommodation in Kiev (transfer, apartments),Interesting times, tours, sightseeing in Kiev. We сare about our customers very mutch. You can look ladies in You can look apartment in
1. You need make free registration on or send your profile and photo to e-mail
2. You need send id ladies you like from
3. Then we will send to you answer who would like meet you.
4. You choose an apartment in or other accommodation.
5. You arrive in Kiev and start dating some girls and spend good time.
6. You pay only for first introduction with girl.
7. You will meet her in the center of Kiev in the street or some cafe, or in our office.


Good afternoon E-mail me please:
1. these girls are still available and ready for dating : 1368, 1412, 1395?
2. price per meeting in Kiev?
3.price for a translator per hour?
4.the lowest price per night for a standard flat with one room?

1. these girls are still available and ready for dating... - these girls are still available and ready for dating and before meeting they would like look your profile and photos.
2. price per. meeting in Kiev? Look at prices page "all service" "
3. price for a translator per hour? -10-20 Euros per.hour.
4. the lowest price per night for a standard flat with one room?
-apartment in the center from 25 Euros per. night or room in family (homestay with breakfast) 10 Euros per.night.


How does the process work from beginning to end?
Kent. USA


This is our process:
1) You plan your visit and choose an apartment on our site However, you have the option to choose your accommodation in another place with a different company or hotel.
2) You look at the women on our site: and send the ID to us - of the ladies which you like.
3) When you arrive in Kiev we will meet you at the airport and take you to an apartment and assist you in all the help you need.
4) When you start to meet a lady, the first meeting will be approximately 1-2 hours. You will be able to ask her questions and exchange contact information.
5) Women with whom you have good "chemistry", you can meet again to deepen your relationship.
Send the ID of your chosen ladies and I will look at your taste, and we can maybe, advise more candidates for you.
Transfer from the airport, 25-30 Euros.
Apartment per night. from 25 Euros.
One Date from 35 Euros.
You only pay for the first date with a lady.
Once you return home from Ukraine you can continue to communicate with the lady. You can invite her to your home country, or somewhere else romantic, in order to know each other better. We can assist with obtaining Visas for ladies.
Maybe you will be lucky the first time by finding your lady quickly. Or maybe you will have to spend more time and money. There are no guarantees, and its up to you to make progress. There are a lot of good, beautiful and sincere ladies in Ukraine. They only want to meet a decent man to form a serious relationship and have a family.
We have had many successes in our company, and can guarantee that we will do our best for you.


Bonjour Anastasiya,
Nous avons etabli contact il y a quelques temps par l'intermediaire de Facebook, afin de realiser des rencontres a Kiev avec des femmes ukrainiennes dans le cadre de votre agence de marriage.
Je serais interesse afin de venir visiter Kiev a partir du 08 juillet afin de venir faire de nouvelles rencontres et peut etre faire connaissance avec ma future epouse ; aussi je voulais savoir s'il vous serait possible d'organiser un sejour a Kiev durant ces memes dates (transfert aeroport, chambre hotel / restaurant demi-pension, guide interprete, rencontre avec des femmes ukrainiennes (maximum 5 a 6 femmes qui auraient ete presectionnees selon un profil) et qui seraient afin de realiser une union avec un homme francais
Je souhaiterai sejourner environ 1 semaine a Kiev (a partir du 08 juillet)
Merci de m'indiquer si cela vous semble envisageable
Bonne journee

Bonjour, Jacques
I am glad meet you in Kiev 8 july and we can plan your staying in Kiev. About service :
Airport transfer - 20-30euro
Apartment from 25 euro per.night ( B&B possible 10 euro) for example:
Meeting with Ukrainian women
Please write about you and send your photos or make free registration in


The lady with who I envisage the meeting in Kiev ask me to gift her something important when I will come to her ; it will be the unforgettable souvenir for the first meeting.

Give positive sea)
It can be flowers, can a small soft toy ets... And if you know what a girl is interested, it is possible in a series of her hobbies. For example, if she likes to draw - the markers.
May be good perfume, Swarovski decoration .. for example You can also donate your country's traditional souvenirs with symbols.
A generally better if you ask the lady what she would like for example..

hello im in kiyv

Hello! You can look site Send to us ID ladies you like. Send information about you and photos. Then you can meet with women who like you and you like them, in a cafe or at office . You pay for first introduction with 1 women. Many women speak English. If no speak translator cost 10-20 Euros per.hour. with best wishes hope to hear from you soon. write me or call. Anastasia


What if the girls I pick can not speak English? Do I have to pay for translation too? What is makes the lady VIP? Thanks Mohamed

Many girls speak English You can read in profiles of them. If lady does not speak English agency provides interpreter. VIP it is mean Perfext lady. They are young, beautiful with good knowledge of English.

Why people always say that agencies of marriage in Ukraine and Moldova is scam.

Our AGAPE agency has good reputation and care a lot about to have only nice ladies with good intentions. You can look photos and other information about marriage in our agency. We have a few weddings every year and people have happy family life with children born. If we find out some ladies behavior themselves not in a good way we remove them because for our agency is more important the quality of women.


Hello, I'm sending you this mail because I would like to have some information. Me, and 3 friends are going to visit Kiev at April 2016. We arrive at 14th of April and stay for 3 nights We would like to go to a party where we can make contact with girls who are really interested in meeting West European man. I saw on your website that your company organizes this kind of meeting party's. We would like to join. Can you give some more information about date, place, price etc…

Thank you for your e-mail and trusting to our agency. Yes we have such kind of services – accommodation, party, dating.
Almost every month we have party. We will inform you about the party one moth before.
Also we invite you to have dating with women from site
You and your friends can send id women they like.
Also be good if you and your friends write about yourself and send photos to this e-mail or make free registration in
About apartments
would you like to live with your friends in one big apartment or have few different apartments nearby? Examples:

After going through your site in detail, I would be interested to discuss the following services:
1. Placing advertisement in newspaper – would like to choose the option for most effective & broad ranging magazines & newspapers.
2. Meetings with girl to choose from.
3. Guide- to help me throughout my planned stay of 1 month but I prefer it to be on a salary basis rather than hourly or daily
4. Accommodation – to arrange accommodation in Kiev & all cities where meetings with ladies would be arranged. 30 nights, at least 3 star but 4 star accommodation is preferred.
5. Airport transfer: back & forth
6. Train/Taxi/domestic transport
7. Gifts
8. Conference services
9. Possibly some business services

1 Yes it is possible put advert with your photo and info popular Ukrainian newspaper, which read in the towns and villages of Ukraine. This advert will read ladies from all over Ukraine including the small cities, villages and write to you directly on your address. You can add any contact information you like (SKYPE, mailing address, etc)
2. Yes of course it is possible to meet with the lady you choice if the lady also interested in you. We send the lady your profile and photo. If you are a not in Kiev it is possible contact with the lady by SKYPE or e-mail.
3 Yes it is possible have personal assistant with fluent English for 1 month or other period of time.
4. Yes we have accommodation service in Kiev (best apartment for good price) and also we can help you book hotels in other places of Ukraine for additional payment.
5. Yes we have transfer service in Kiev and to airport.
6. Yes we can help you book train or bus tickets for additional payment.
7. You can order gift for the lady you likes and we will deliver it to the lady. (Photo report of the lady with your gift).The list of gifts you can look on the site.
8. Yes it is possible conference services by SKYPE. You can ask your questions our services and Ukraine.
9. Yes it is possible consultation about business ideas.


How do you check women when you have doubts?

You can understand - in her environment and way of life. If you visit her work, friends, family, home. Then you understand about her life if she is normal, good or no.

Reminder for men from Arab countries.

Hello! Please after you wrote -Hello! -Hi! -I want married! -I want wife! Please write more concretive what you would like.
For find wife in Ukraine you need have opportunity come to Ukraine, open visa (we not support visa).
Or make payment for by contact information of women (you can talk with her the by Skype, Viber,e-mail from your country) and then finance for to invite her to your country. But it is little chance women be come. Usually - first you need come to Ukraine and meet her.
So if you can not come to Ukraine, open the visa and finance secure better not plan married with Ukraine women. Ukraine is a country with Orthodox and European laws. You can look sites
After the meet, and confirm woman for marriage .What time for marriage and what is the document need the marriage??
If all good with documents you can married, even during few days but usually need time (few weeks or month for prepare documents). For marriage in Ukraine need passports and originals of divorce certificates if you was married before.
I can after the meet woman see the family father and mother??
Yes of course if you going married you mast to see family of women. If you not see it is mean something wrong. 99% of Ukraine women have some relatives.
They woman have brother and sister??
Of course a lot of women have brothers and sisters but sometimes they only one child in family.
About a visa to Ukraine (China, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran we do not have the opportunity to help open a visa to Ukraine)
We do not have temporary marriages and this is very strange for our women, when you offer them a temporary marriage in first or second meeting!
I hope this information has been useful to you.

Hi... Please tell me, are these ladies lonely?. Don't they have any family member?

Hello They have parents, brothers and sisters and others relatives but looking for husband!

life hacks

If girl do not like you - you should respect it.(She is entitled to such an opinion and decision.)

What is the best time to visit Kiev?

from May to November but for New Year and Christmas also interesting!