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What is opinion of Ukrainian ladies about difference in age?

Some of the ladies like men, who are older.

Reminder for men from Arab countries.

For find wife in Ukraine you need have opportunity come to Ukraine, open visa and then finance for to invite her to your country. But it is little chance women be come. Usually - first you need come to Ukraine and meet her.
So if you can not come to Ukraine, open the visa and finance secure better not plan married with Ukraine women. Ukraine is a country with Orthodox and European laws.
After the meet, and confirm woman for marriage .What time for marriage and what is the document need the marriage??
If all good with documents you can married, even during few days but usually need time (few weeks or month for prepare documents). For marriage in Ukraine need passports and originals of divorce certificates if you was married before.
I can after the meet woman see the family father and mother??
Yes of course if you going married you mast to see family of women. If you not see it is mean something wrong. 99% of Ukraine women have some relatives.
They woman have brother and sister??
Of course a lot of women have brothers and sisters but sometimes they only one child in family.
About a visa to Ukraine (China, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran we do not have the opportunity to help open a visa to Ukraine)
We do not have temporary marriages and this is very strange for our women, when you offer them a temporary marriage in first or second meeting!

Hi... Please tell me, are these ladies lonely?. Don't they have any family member?

Hello They have parents, brothers and sisters and others relatives but looking for husband!

life hacks

If girl do not like you - you should respect it.(She is entitled to such an opinion and decision.)

What is the best time to visit Kiev?

from May to November but for New Year and Christmas also interesting!