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    How a man behaves in Ukraine after first meeting.(Rules)

    After the first meeting:
  • The man mast shows the initiative. This is strange, but some foreign men are waiting for the girl will to call or write to him after the first meeting. Remember! The first phone call or message should do you.
  • Find out how the lady has reached, how she feels, what her mood is. It's better to call the day after the date.
  • Do not be obtrusive and do not demand the next meeting - immediately. Find out how the women back to home, when she has time for next meeting. Of course, if you are limited in time and soon leave, it is better to force events for the subsequent meeting.
  • Where to go with a lady in Kiev, besides the usual restaurant or cafe. Here are the options for you:
  • to sing in karaoke
  • go to bowling
  • go to the club, to the disco
  • go to the theater, philharmonic, society, museum
  • go to the cinema
  • walk in the park
  • go to the beach or picnic in summer
  • go for a boat in summer
  • go to the spa, sauna, swimming pool
  • go to the gym
  • visit the neighborhood of Kiev or even offer a lady a trip to another city for a couple of days.(For example to Lviv or Odessa)
  • Include your fantasy dear men!

    If a woman invited you to visit her home or you stay in her home.

    Conventional rules of conduct:
  • When entering the apartment or house, take off your shoes. Usually the owners of the house will give you –òàïî÷êè or be allowed to stay in your shoes.
  • Another important rule: when you returning home from the street you have to go to the bathroom and wash your hands.
  • Usually host will offer tea or coffee to you or food. It's better if you try a little together with the hosts or alone.
  • You can not throw away the half-eaten food that you were offered in the trash. Never throw bread away.
  • In the morning, refuel the bed and neatly fold things. It is unacceptable to throw things on the floor.)
  • You must be polite with her relatives to say hello and goodbye.) When you come first time you can buy flowers, chocolate, cake, drinks, fruits, souvenirs of your country. You can not come to visit "empty-handed".

How to communicate with Ukraine ladies

  1. During the date make a point of asking her cell phone number and other contact information.
  2. It is a good idea to pay her compliments, ask questions, about her life and tell her about yourself, find out what interest her, where she work, where she would like to go for the next date.
  3. If the women keeps going to expensive restaurant, ask the following question: is she interested in me, or in eating out?
  4. If the women does not take your hand after around 5 dates then she does not like you, then you must ask if she is really interested in you.

Our women are seeking:

  • Support
  • Care
  • Kindness

Please try to do the following:

  • Hold the door for lady.
  • Pay for the cup of tea or coffee.
  • Carry her bags.

Ukrainian ladies sometimes prefer more practical presents instead of a bunch of flowers. For example, perfume, cosmetics, sweets, etc.

Russian and Ukrainian women are constantly under the pressure from society: why don’t you have a boyfriend, when are you going to get married, when you are going to have children, when will your children get married…

We are not yet emancipated much here…

Traits of Ukrainian women:

  • Sensibility and emotionality
  • Hospitality
  • Kindness
  • Endurance
  • Social dependency

As a main problem of females in Ukraine is to find such a man who: does not drink, does not use drugs, has a job, single (not married).

Ukraine, Belorussia, Russia are full of beautiful, educated, competent women!

About Ukraine women:

History suggests that attitudes toward women, as to the merits of the second grade, may have serious negative consequences. It is recognized that the Slavic women are more beautiful than Women in Western Europe. The reason for this - the Inquisition. In the Middle Ages, humanity could not survive in cramped, dirty towns. Epidemics and famines kill millions. It was impossible to understand, explain and find a solution to these problems. Therefore, the most simple way was chosen - put the blame on someone. Now, as a rule, the blame for their problems blamed on members of another nation. Since then to the city was not structured along ethnic lines, so the question "Who is guilty?" was given a definite answer - "Woman". This assertion was raised to the level postulates. Thus, in incunabula "Malleus Malephicarum" ("Hammer of Witches") teaching Jesuits Sprenger Istitor and claimed that the woman - it hell: "If it was not for female perversion, the world would be set free from hazards. " And all the elegance of his scholastic mind was sent then to describe how to torture, torture, executions of women accused of witchcraft. This Europe has led to disastrous consequences. The population of individual countries were on the verge survival. There is a recorded historical fact: in the German city of Osnabruck in the sixteenth century from seven hundred representatives of females four hundred women were burned during a year. And the first to go on fire were good-looking and smart women. After all, beauty in conjunction with the mind was considered as the first sign of witchcraft. And now, any tourist who arrives to Spain, Germany or France, where most blazing fires of inquisition were, can see firsthand how it has affected women's population. Beautiful women in these countries have become rare, because they died at the stake, not having time to give the offspring. And the gene pool of these nations can not be restored until now. Maybe partly why the Western countries quickly came to realize the need to solve problems associated with the treatment of women in society.

Slavic, especially Ukrainian woman all the time hoping that there will be a man who will bring her flowers and say nice words. She kept hoping. It is such a noble creature - Ukrainian woman, this does not occur anywhere in the world. She still believes that once a Prince will appear and lift on a throne. She does not know on what kind of a throne, but she believes that it will occur. Fantastic! The whole world had long been deprived of such naivety. In America, women have power in their hands. Try to tell her there is some vulgarity or blow to the pope - to jail. Try to file for divorce in California you will lose all your fortune. Women have made it there. In this case, they’ve lost something else. When a man is afraid of a woman he is even more aloof. They lost the state of intimacy. In different countries it happens in different ways, but going back to the mentality in Ukraine, the problem lies in the fact that here a woman madly in hopes to find her perfect man. And therefore, if the start somewhere, then in order to help women remember what she Primary in this world. Try to explain. As of today, whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not all the evolutionary development, all prospects are determined by a woman. Woman defines this world. And that she should realize. You know, next to a woman, any man pulled up. And if he only sees that woman, as if feeling insecure, he immediately becomes boor. -The problem laid deeper, it relates to the mentality of women. Here, there was some amazing transformation. After all Slavic women initially, has always been primary. But in view of some circumstances, it adopted here is the right to be back. Her, clever, beautiful, hard-working, Any nondescript little man can say that it is imperfect. Wait, its imperfection invented by you, your insolence. She is a successful businesswoman, with worries about a husband who is lazy on the couch. She can not leave him and go away. An American woman can do it. I once had such a thought, that if the view is perfect perspective, I would have changed the men and women of Ukraine and the United States places. For instance: reduced American men with Ukrainian women. You can not imagine what would have happened! None Ukrainian man could be lazy, walk and drink more than three hours. Because it would have been thrown into the street and would have remained without means of subsistence. And a certain woman, whom a man would bring the salary, give the car to rebuild this country, I thought that she was a beautiful dream. She would pray for him. Women know that if a man doesn’t bring you flowers for three weeks – he is not the man worth being with. Not bringing flowers to a woman is not the quality to be brought up. And if women should be integrated, then in order to realize their price in this world.

It is best to call the lady, and do not write text messages! Be prepared that at some - some stage she may lose interest in you. To avoid this, spend meetings interesting:

Where to go with the lady in Kiev?

Where to go in Kiev?


Food in Ukraine- page:

Popular and democratic institutions in Kiev:
Katyusha Varenichnaya
Oliva Restaurant
Pache restaurant
Mafia Restaurant
Da Vinci Fish Club /
Praga www.praha-restaurant.
and more

The weather in Ukraine.

Best time since May till October. In May lilac blossoms and people visit the botanical garden. It the summer can be +30+35 Most people visit lakes and river for swim and sunbathing. Since November till April is usually cold the weather. People put coats. December, January February is usually a lot of snow. Possible -20-30. The climate of Ukraine the greater part of its territory is defined as moderate-continental. The average temperature of the coldest month, January - is -2 to -10 degrees, and the warmest - +20, +25. In general, this means - Ukraine climate favorable for tourism and recreation. All four clearly expressed in Ukraine a year, which makes it attractive to tourists, especially those who have never seen winter.

Clubs ets.

Caribbean Club
Thai massage

Shopping centers

Ocean Plaza
DREAM town

Cultural places

House of Organ Music
Museum of Russian Art


Test for men

The more points you gained the more chances you have.

  1. If you are from 25 years old up to 40 years old add 2 points. If you are from 40 years old up to 55 years old add 1point.
  2. If your height is more than 165 cm add 1 point.
  3. If you are healthy and go in for sport add 2 points.
  4. If you don't have noticeable physical disabilities add 1 point.
  5. If you don't have children but want and can have add 2 points. If you already have 1 child add 1 point. If you already have more then 1 child delete 2 points.
  6. If you live in Europe add 2 points. If you live in the USA or Canada add 1 point.
  7. If you have good teeth add 1 point.
  8. If you are not bald add 1 point.
  9. If you are financially secured add 2point.
  10. If you agree that your wife doesn't work add 1 point.
  11. If you are ready to pay your wife for the visit of her motherland minimum 1-2 month per year, add 1 point.
  12. If you are graduated from the university of NBA add 1 point.
  13. If you don’t smoke and social drinker add 1 point.
  14. If you have your own house or apartment not taken into credit add 1 point.
  15. If you agree that your wife must be is younger than you no more then 5 years add 3 points. If you think that you wife must be younger then you more than 10 years delete 3 point.

How to live in Ukraine


Accommodation: B&B homestay in Ukraine family 8 euro per night. Breakfast and internet is included in the price. For example:

or Buying food in the shops of Kiev.

Transportation: Travel on the subway, bus, trolleybus, taxi .


Accommodation: Comfortable apartment in the center of Kiev. For example:,, from 30 euro per night.

Food: Food in cafes, bars, eateries in Kiev. For example: Bill 5-20 euros.

Transportation: Taxi.


Accommodation: Apartments. For example,

Food in restaurants.

Some info about Kiev life


Hryvnia is the Ukrainian national currency (introduced in 1996). One hryvnia equals 100 kopeck.

Public transport

Trams, trolleybuses and buses in Kiev comprise extensive public transport system and operate from 06:00 to 01:00 depending on type of transport and day. Public transport is usually overcrowded during rush hours.

Metro (Underground) in Kiev has three line network with more than 50 stations covers nearly all the city. It is convenient, fast and reliable. Metro frequency depends on the daytime and is 1 minute during rush hours, 3-4 minutes during daytime and up to 25 minutes at evenings (after 21:00). During rush hours metro is heavily overcrowded.

Funicular (cable car) links the lower town Podil (Poshtova Ploscha) and the upper Old City (Mikhailivska Square). Open from 06:30 to 23:00 (to 22:00 in winters) and runs every 10 minutes. When on a ride enjoy magnificent panorama that overlooks river and Podil neighbourhood.


Dnipro ☆☆☆☆ Wi-Fi

Khreschatyk str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro, tel. 254-67-77, fax 254-67-37. Perfectly situated hotel in the lively cultural and business center of Kyiv.

Opera Hotel ☆☆☆☆☆ Wi-Fi

53 B.Khmelnytskoho str. Universytet metro, tel. 581-70-70, fax 537-73-73. Centrally located hotel with rooms designed after famous operas in Japanese, Italian, Russia, Egyptian, French, and Moroccan theme furnishing.

Premier Palace ☆☆☆☆☆ Wi-Fi

5-7 Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd, Khreschatyk metro, tel. 537-45-00, fax 279-87-72. Kiev first five-star hotel logged in the commercial center occupying nicely renovated 1909 Art-Noveau building.

Khreschatyk ☆☆☆☆ Wi-Fi

14 Khreschatyk str., Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro, tel. 279-73-39, 279-85-44, fax 278-51-11. Excellent location at the capital’s busiest Khreschatyk street.

Kozatsky ☆☆

1/3 Mikhailivska str., Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro, tel. 279-49-14, fax 279-27-09. Excellent location at the Independence Square.

Tourist ☆☆☆ Wi-Fi

2 Rayisy Okipnoi str., Livoberezhna metro, tel. 568-40-17. Located on the left bank near the International Exhibition Center.


Tsarske Selo (Tsar’s Village)

42/1 Mazepy str, Arsenalna metro, tel. 288-97-75, 280-30-66

Foreigners about Ukraine

Samuel, USA

  • What do you like in Ukraine? — The people.
  • What do you not like in Ukraine? — Corruption and customer service.
  • What seemed strange to you in Ukraine? — Lack of Political Correctness

Jeremy, England

  • What do you like in Ukraine? — Weather, women.

David, USA

  • What do you like in Ukraine? — Architecture and people.
  • What do you not like in Ukraine? — Language barrier.
  • What seemed strange to you in Ukraine? — Very envious people.

Murat, Australia and Algeria

  • What do you like in Ukraine? — Nature.
  • What do you not like in Ukraine? — Bad character of some people.
  • What seemed strange to you in Ukraine? — Nothing.

Malik, France

  • What do you like in Ukraine? — Women, beauty of Kiev.

Froof, Norway

  • What do you like in Ukraine? — Ladies, nice city.
  • What do you not like in Ukraine? — Winter.

Henry, Canada

  • What do you not like in Ukraine? — Political situation.
  • What seemed strange to you in Ukraine? — Nothing.

Rakesh K, USA

  • What do you like in Ukraine? — Simple life.
  • What seemed strange to you in Ukraine? — Food.

Pete, USA

  • What do you like in Ukraine? — Food.
  • What do you not like in Ukraine? — Streets.
  • What seemed strange to you in Ukraine? — The police.

Anthony, Holland

  • What do you like in Ukraine? — History. z
  • What seemed strange to you in Ukraine? — People laughing too little.
  • What would you like to advise to agency? — To smile.

Steve, Canada

  • What do you like in Ukraine? — The people, scenery.
  • What seemed strange to you in Ukraine? — The Cyrillic alphabet.

Ronald, USA

  • What you like in Ukraine? – beautiful women;
  • What you not like in Ukraine? – scams, corruption;
  • What seemed strange to you in Ukraine? – Russian language

Ahmet, Jordan

  • 1. What you like in Ukraine? – nice people;
  • 2. What you not like in Ukraine? – not many people speak English;
Henry, Canada
  • 1. What you like in Ukraine? – History;
  • 2. What you not like in Ukraine? – difficult times;

Willian, USA

  • What you like in Ukraine? – Food
  • What you not like in Ukraine? – smoke in Kiev;

Reggie, USA

  • What you like in Ukraine? – Culture, food, people seem friendly, I feel welcome;
  • What you not like in Ukraine? – corruption, people take advantage;
  • What seemed strange to you in Ukraine? – Type of holliday’s celebrated;

Shtefan, Germany,

  • What you like in Ukraine? – clean, quiet, Kiev ;
  • What you not like in Ukraine? – cold winter time;