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AGAPE marriage agency
Director: Plaksina Anastasiya
Office address:
prov. Tarasa Shevchenka, 7b
Kiev, Ukraine.
Tel., Viber, Whatsapp: +380 (67) 708-3638
Tel: +380 (63) 957-6682
Skype: anastasiyadarina

Some letters to us

Hi Anastasia,thank you for your help.I appreciate it very much. I wish to do my best to build relationship with Valentina as I think she is a lovely lady . I will have to try to get a copy of our letters to each other here as a proof of us knowing each other for the consolate. I hope they can provide this for me or maybe I will have to bring up each letter seperately and get a print out. I will remove my profile also as I wish Valentina to know that I am sincere and serious about her.With best wishes,sincerely
Laurence Ireland november 2012

Dear Anastasiya, Thanks again for all the help provided on my recent follow up trip to Kiev. All transport arrangements went very smoothly. The ladies I met with were all extremely nice ladies. Attractive, intelligent, easy to communicate with. I appreciate the time your agency took to suggest suitable ladies that I may have missed in looking at your website. Valentina did a very good job interpreting when needed. Even when she wasn't needed for interpreting, Valentina was always just a phone call away if I needed help with anything. I highly recommend your agency for any man who is looking to meet a nice lady in Kiev. Men, don't waste time and money writing letters that may or may not even reach the lady pictured online. You're much better off meeting in person, and Agape Agency does a very good job of arranging real meetings in Kiev.
Best regards,
Wendell Taylor Austin,
Texas USA december 2012

Although the weather was so very cold, your warm and thoughtful help made my trip to Kiev one to remember !!! All arrangements for transportation, apartment and meetings with such lovely ladies were even better than I expected. You are very fortunate to have someone like Valentina assisting you in your business. Her good nature and humor were always a great pleasure. You are the best at helping us lonely men find what we are looking for !!!!!!! Steven Wood Asheville, North Carolina USA October 2013

Thank you for the quality dates and the party. Yours is a great agency and I appreciate the time. Although I did not find someone special, I had quality dates. Maybe I will see you again in the future.
USA september 2013

My name is Rohan and i am from Adelaide, Australia. Like many men i made the journey to the Ukraine to try and find love and a future wife. My journey was not one of joy and happiness as too many false truths and excuses had been used from the woman I came to be with. So I returned to Kiev a mess. Luckily for me I had met Nastya at Agapekiev before i made my problem fraught journey and even though she was on holiday in Italy at the time, she organized my apartment and told me to get out there and not give up my search. There are many real honest women about. Her assistant Valentina was there to help me when i needed it as my visa card was faulty so she assisted me to collect cash transfers and also arranged a few dates for me with women who were looking for a future husband. So now I have returned home and Spring is in the air and I do not feel like my trip has been a total failure or a total waste of time thanks to Agapekiev and Nastya and Valentina. So if you decide to visit Kiev and you are serious about love and marriage then I recommend that you see Nastya or Valentina and let them take a lot of worry out of your search and that way you can just relax and concentrate on your date. Thanks Nastya and Valentina for all of your help and thanks folks for listening and i hope you find the woman of your dreams.)))
Rohan Reid,
Brighton, Adelaide S.A. Australia

Review from party:

It was a very good party. Met real people, talked, danced, laughed I had a good time.

Nate from USA 2013

Dear friends, I have been to Kiev numerous times because, not only is Ukraine a beautiful country and it's people are very welcoming. Never mind the rubbish press reports and political comments, there is nothing like personal contact to understand a country. The first time I arrived in KIEV, I met a Government executive and his wife in Oneil's Bar in central Kiev and had a friendly chat. After a while we shook hands and and wished each other well. About 5 minutes after he had left -(without leaving me any contact information), a steak meal arrived for me. When I told the Waitress that I had not ordered it, she said that "your friend paid for it". I was quite overcome by the generosity of that couple, whom I had never met before and am unlikely to do so in the future. Kiev is at present a hidden gem from English people at present!! With regard to the matrimonial situation: The women in Ukraine are stunning looking and very family orientated. Personally, I have met some Ladies from Anastasia's Company and can tell you that they are very genuine and looking for a husband from the West. I know that you will find that Anastasia's company is the most efficient and leading Marriage Agency in Kiev. This is because she takes a personal interest in everyone on her site to make sure that they are there for the right purpose, and that prospective partners are also matched up properly. She has a good record of success over many years and I recommend her to you.
Best Wishes,
BOB (London)

It is friendly and helpful agency trying to help you to find true love. They do their best to only advertise genuine girls on the web site.
ED from Australia

Kiev - cause there are more beautiful women than trees in Kiev :) I am totally convinced that the kind and cultural rich people in Ukraine could never be happy when they would live in the US. Most people there work hard for little and people in Ukraine because they lack international experiences they like to believe in fantasies. I hope reality will reach them soon because, when I hear them speak about the heaven Paris and the US they simply do not know what they talk about. Kiev is 1000 times better in everything and I was everywhere so I can know. I never felt more safe than here in Kiev.
from Netherlands

I love kiev girls, and also the kind people in Kiev.
from Iran

Although my visit was short, I had a good time and met some nice ladies. It makes me remember what a nice place and lovely people Kiev is and what I have been missing. It makes me want to come again soon.

Last weekend we went on a small holiday together in Barcelona in Spain.
All the 5 women I have met, were very nice, friendly and intelligent, and for me it was a privilege to have met them. That they are not serious in relation with me, is not that surprising of course. However, I do hope to meet Elena again.
Netherlands 2016

I've lived in many countries (Ukraine, Russian, Germany, China, Japan), but the people in Kiev are the friendliest. I've also had no problems with customs, border guards, and police in Ukraine (its not like a lot of other former CIS countries). Easy to make friends with the locals. Safe food, lots of great little cafes, clean air. Good trains between Odessa, Kiev and Lvov. Good unblocked internet, mobile phone access, underground. A good place to visit or live.
Terry USA 2017

Thank you so much for your help and prompt service. I am amazed at your ability to set up meetings in such short notice. Oksana is a very delightful and talented lady. I really enjoyed meeting her. I will schedule my next trip and we will meet again.
USA 2017

Yesterday's meeiing with Tanya was very nice, thank you. She is an ideal woman to me. We spent all afternoon and evening together. I know she enjoyed it too. I think we will meet again.
USA 2017

This agency is most trusting agency in Kiev.
USA 2018