The importance of and the need for multi-discipline political analysis.

Dear Teacher and fellow students. To day I want to give presentation about the following question.

Does Ukraine become a member of European Union, work closely together with Russia or work closely together with Russia and Europe?

We have a great nation with a rich culture and a high economical potential. Which system we have to choose that is beneficial for most Ukraine people and fits most with our culture and history. I think this will be the central question for the coming years. And the question is not simple to answer. It needs a lot of thinking and it needs a multi-disciple approach. Most People however try to answer this important question form only one perspective for instance only from an economical point of view. But this rather naive because there is more in live than to have more money and more wealth. Of course more wealth is nice and opens many doors, but sometimes it also opens doors to a negative social path and this path usely is never publicly discussed. Watch the money Wallstreet and you got an impression what I mean.

Last weekend I met a man from Western Europe and he told me a lot of things about his society and to be true I was rather shocked because nobody told me before, not on television, not in newspapers not in class.He said there are many good things in his society such al a good medical system, an objective legal system, freedom for media to write whatever they want and higher wages for most people. But he also stated that there were many negative side-effects of the political and socio-economic system is his country and they have severe problems. He said to me that if Ukraine people would knew the severity of this mainly social-economic problems they would certainly not choose to become a member of the EU. Because my speech is limited in time and scope I only explain some problems more in detail.

He said that most people in his country worked very hard to have a living but it affected social live dramatically. It let to a kind of people who became egocentric and focus only on money. Many people have a poor social life. Because of the stress they do not have time to meet family and friends and it seems they live only to work while it is better to work for a living. According the balance between economic goals and social goals were disturbed. He also stated that in his country there was, especially in big cities, a very high crime-rate and that many people felt unsafe their own houses and neighborhood.

He also underlined that he was many times in Kiev nut he felt very safe and walked the center late at night. So crime is a important issue in Western countries. According to him crime grew rapidly the last decades and there was a high correlation between the uncontrolled influx of many low class people from poor countries and they mostly concentrate in big cities because social control there is less and you can have a relatively anonymous life. In his city they were high concentrations of all 180 nationalities and it was a extremely heavy task to adept the social system in a way most people could live together in a productive and harmonies way. Last years in several EU countries there were riots or aversion against foreigners by people who felt they lost their culture and neighborhood they were born in. In some districts only few original native people remained because most of them flew to other and smaller cities. This trend also lead to uprising anti foreign political parties and some have similarities with fascist parties from the past. He called those new parties Facist-light parties like Cola light. His point is that under the surface ethnical tension is growing and it could let in future to outburst of social volcano.

We already saw this in Greece recently by the Golden Dawnparty. There are also economic reasons that causes tensions between people form different background. The Monetary European System with one currency is not well thought over conceptually and many European politicians wanted to score political points in the last decade of the last century and the first decade in this century.

The role-model was the United states with the dollar. But the European Union is not a political unity like the US is more than 100 years. The EU consist of many countries with different cultures backgrounds, believe-systems and totally different economic infrastructure.

Nevertheless they are forced to produce and compete equally and everybody knows that is easier said than done. How can you compete under the same conditions in the relatively week economic country like Greece with the economic superpower Germany. It is an illusion. Many people in those weak European countries are now suffering because there is a hugh unemployment and many people kill themselves because they do not see way out. In Spain for instance about 50% of the people till 30 years old are unemployed and can not start a family because they have no house of their own or have enough income.

According to the man I met this weekend in Kiev many people are relatively poor in many European countries. Also in Germany there are millions of people very poor. Only in statistics they earn much more than in our own country, but in the statistics it does not say that the cost for living in those countries are much higher than in our country. If you earn twice the gross monthly income than with us, but you have to pay also twice or more tax and costs for living then suddenly you are not so rich anymore as we may think. According to the man many Ukraine politicians and inspired by them many civilians believe now in political myths and fairytales because the dark sides are never spoken of in public political debate.

When Ukraine becomes member of the EU (too soon)he predicted that our rich and beautiful culture will be destroyed in only one or two decades but then we have to let in all the social gold-diggers and opportunist of the other countries and you loose autonomy in this topic. It is forbidden to close the borders for those people. Up till now the benefits of the Euro and EU are marginal. It had become more and more a kind of religion. You have to believe that economic Walhalla will come on earth because of the Euro but up till now we do not see heaven yet, he said.

The social and cultural dark sides are also manifest in many European countries. It let up till now to the American poor way of social life with not so many interest anymore in other people, literature and art. It becomes more and more an superficial and money-driven economy with more competition and aggression between people. Thomas Hobbes, the famous political philosopher already said it many centuries ago: Mankind is his own wolf. Competition has benefits and I do not promote to go back to Communism that lacked those benefits, but what I am trying to say that economic, social and cultural objective all should be in balance with each other and the history of the US and more recently in the EU proofs it can easily end up in a not balanced situation.

Ukraine shares a rich history with Russia and the other European countries and you can not erase that even if you want. It is good for Ukraine to stay friends with Europe and Russia and not to choose between them. When you choose you will loose and it will only lead to more geopolitical tensions. Russia can also benefit form more trade between EU and Ukraine so all parties have to work closely together and there is simply no blessing on radical policies. To Improve our system it takes many years and quick and cheap solutions simply do not exist. Political Philosophy more than 2.500 years since Plato’s Politea shows us the right way.

Now in our country too much emotions dominate the political debate. Emotions are good, but in politics they are dangerous and lead to more frustration and social damage. It is not too late yet because we are only at the very beginning of a long political process of reforms. All becomes good I am sure because Ukraine is a wonderful country with lot of potential in many fields.

We need good multi-disciplined analyses continuously and evaluate the situation in the EU because it can go better over there but now there is a real system-crisis because a few thousand bankers and brokers all over the world destroyed the monetary system only to get their million-bonus. They sold backed air for big money and now hundres of millions of people are suffering worldwide because of that. Let us learn from this corrupt and outrageous behavior.

Hans from Netherlands.

Kiev 15-2-2014